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If you are suffering from a chronic disease, or a challenging health condition, or would like to improve your well-being, I invite you to try NeuroExistential therapy.  NeuroExistential therapy uses PSYCH-K® process to identify and transform subconscious beliefs and patterns that disrupt your health and block you from living a healthy and fulfilled life

NeuroExistential therapy can help with: 

  • Autoimmune diseases (such as vitiligo, arthritis, Psoriasis, Crohn's disease, etc.)

  • Cancer

  • Tinnitus - hearing ringing or buzzing

  • Skin diseases

  • Digestive system problems

  • Chronic pain (legs, back, neck, etc.)

  • Food allergies and intolerances

  • Asthma and chronic cough

  • Stuttering

  • Sleep problems

  • Panic attacks

  • Eating disorders

  • Phobias 

  • Toxic relationships

Transform your life today!

Regain Health and Wellness

Hello, my name is Dr. Sharon Zmigrod, and I am a researcher within the field of psychology and cognitive neuroscience as well as a NeuroExistential therapist.  NeuroExistential therapy's aim is to help us regain good health and well-being by removing disruptive subconscious beliefs and patterns and improving our body's self-healing capabilities.

Many health conditions such as autoimmune diseases, cancer, chronic pain, allergies, intolerance to food, as well as acute, chronic, or mental conditions are a result of a stressful lifestyle, trauma, childhood events, toxic relationships, or accidents among others.

Instinctively we have known for a long time that how we think affects how we feel. Events in our life affect our health. The mind-body connection has been discussed for thousands of years, and recently a new field of study called psychoneuroimmunology provides scientific evidence for this connection. This new field explains the scientific understanding of how psychology and physical body processes interact.

Psychoneuroimmunology studies have shown that our past experiences of stress can influence our immune system’s response to stress. Our mental state and our thought affect the way our bodies respond to disease. In order to regain good health, we need to treat not only the symptoms but also the psychological sources. Ignoring the psychological sources of our disease may cause our health condition to reappear or be manifested in another health condition.

NeuroExistential therapy uses PSYCH-K® processes to change disruptive beliefs and patterns in our subconscious. The aim is to dissociate past events from bodily manifestation and enhance the natural healing abilities of the body's immune system. By using processes that enable us to integrate/bi-stimulate the cerebral hemispheres and change brain waves (the language of the mind), we can alter subconscious beliefs and patterns (read more).

NeuroExistential therapy does not replace any medical or mental health professional, but it can be used as an important complementary process to the standard medical interventions by enhancing the self-healing capabilities of our immune system and treating some of the initial causes of the health condition.

For more than 40 years I struggled with autoimmune disease and later from intolerance to gluten and food allergies. Applying these processes helped me to overcome it completely and gain my health and my freedom. Now I am free to eat whatever I want, free from medications and food supplements, and free from being overwhelmed and tired. I have regained my health, strength, and energy which enable me to fulfill many of my dreams and enjoy life.

The therapy world is confusing, and it can be quite challenging to know which therapist can help you. If you are having doubts or have questions, you are welcome to contact me for a 15 min free conversation without any obligation.

I invite you to start the journey and achieve your health, well-being and freedom.


"I came to see Sharon after several long and frustrating attempts to address my physical health. I suffered from vaginal bleeding for over 4 months. After being admitted to the hospital twice, and released with a bag of medications, the bleeding didn’t stop.

I was lucky to come across Sharon’s therapy practice and she offered to try to take care of the problem that I was suffering from. I was really desperate and a little skeptical but I decided to try.    It was, I must say, like a miracle! In one meeting so much came out, and I resolved it in my mind with the sensitive guidance of Sharon. On the second day after the treatment, my bleeding stopped! 


I’m sure that not every treatment works so fast and maybe I was finally ready to let go of my symptoms and of the syndrome that underpinned it but, in any case, the result is that now I’m fine and I feel good! I think this is what matters!

Thank you, Sharon!"

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