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NeuroExistential Therapy

NeuroExistential therapy is a therapeutic framework that combines on the one hand processes that encourage subconscious changes through PSYCH-K® processes of limiting beliefs that affect our health and wellbeing, and on the other hand existential philosophical ideas of freedom, responsibility, and authenticity.


The method is based on scientific studies that show that many of our behaviours emerge from our subconscious (reflexive behavior). Our subconscious beliefs and patterns were created and installed during childhood (when the brain is in a super learning mode), during life events, relationships, accidents, or any other experience that we had. We are not always aware of these patterns that were created in our childhood, but they can govern our behaviours and attitude toward ourselves.  For Example, sentences that we heard from parents or teachers such as: “who do you think you are…”, “nobody will want to be your friend…”,” it is all because of you..”  can create programs that influence our health, wellbeing, self-esteem, and self-love. To make significant changes in our lives including in our health we must identify and change these disrupting patterns and instead create empowering beliefs.


The process to change subconscious beliefs is possible by changing our fast brain waves (such as Beta) to slower ones (Alpha, Theta) as was done in hypnosis or meditation. However, one of the fastest, non-invasive, and most effective techniques for changing subconscious beliefs is through PSYCH-K® processes. It is a proven method that has been operating successfully for over 30 years and has been tested in scientific studies. The method allows through a small number of sessions to change beliefs that disrupt our quality of life both physically and mentally by using PSYCH-K® balances.


The process of creating an authentic, healthy, and meaningful life is similar to cultivating a garden, in order for the plants and flowers to bloom to their full potential the weeds must be uprooted, and the soil fertilized. Fertile soil is the basis for a flourishing and healthy garden. Similarly, changing the patterns that undermine our health and wellness and creating empowering patterns is the foundation for a healthy life and well-being.

With NeuroExistential processes you can:

  • free your body from many sources that affect health conditions such as autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, cancer, allergies, intolerance to food, and many other acute, chronic, or mental conditions. Encourage the body's natural healing abilities. The treatment is a complementary treatment to the conventional medical

  • free your mind from limiting beliefs that prevent you from living an authentic and fulfilled life.

  • free yourself from self-blame, self-destructive behaviour, ruminating thought, insomnia, or feeling stressed.

  • free yourself from toxic relationships or toxic social environments. 

  • Free your artistic creativity by releasing writer’s block, performance anxiety, and doubting your creative ability.

  • be an existential parent – by creating an environment that supports growth and self-realization for you and your child.

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